Social and Business Aims

Create sustainable employment for all local people, of all ages, and of all abilities.
Employ a workforce that consists of at least 50% who have disabilities and/or are disadvantaged from the jobs market.
Offer training opportunities for those disadvantaged from the jobs market.
Support and work with other local social enterprises to enhance the training, development and employment opportunities available to those disadvantaged from the jobs market.
Support the local business supply chain and retain wealth within the local community.
Be accountable to the workforce, to our customers and to the community.
Become financially viable.
Become self-sustaining by trading at a surplus.
Deliver quality products that reflect the pride and professionalism of each and every the employee.
Deliver a product that represents value for money.
Create a reputation for product quality and reliability.
Operate lean manufacturing methodology within the business.
Be progressive and innovative.

AFS Ltd places significant importance in creating a community supportive business with a social sense of purpose. To this end the company has incorporated a strong set of social clauses within the objects of its Articles of Association to enshrine these social and business aims into the Company’s corporate governance.